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Managed Cybersecurity Services Delivered From Tampa, Florida

The primary advantage of a provider that operates from your home state is that they can visit your facilities for in-person service when necessary.  The experienced cybersecurity professionals at Digital Hands deliver all of our cybersecurity services from Tampa, Florida. You may never visit our offices, but it's reassuring to know we are close by.

Digital Hands delivers managed cybersecurity services across the state of Florida from our Tampa headquarters, combining community knowledge with deeply experienced cybersecurity know-how. You don’t need to be a Tampa local to competently provide your customers with security services, however, intimate knowledge of the region and the local market helps when it comes to addressing the needs of Florida residents. 

When it comes to understanding cybersecurity in the wider Florida region, the team at Digital Hands are subject matter experts. We have been working with businesses in Tampa and beyond for the last two decades. Trust and rely on us to manage your cybersecurity and act as a natural extension of your own IT or security team. 

Local Presence

From our Tampa headquarters, we deliver managed security services to businesses across the state of Florida. Benefit from our local knowledge, nationwide reach, and a wide range of cybersecurity services.

Able To Visit You Onsite

Because we are based in Tampa, we can visit you on-site anywhere in Florida should the need arise. If you experience a cybersecurity incident we can quickly send our cybersecurity professionals to your business.

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