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A Security Operations Center (SOC) is the backbone of any cybersecurity team. Our 24x7x365 SOCs provide essential services like the detection and monitoring of cybersecurity events that could impact your organization’s security.

Most organizations host hundreds, if not thousands of devices on their networks, all of which are capable of providing data and alerts.

We handle and interpret all this data from your endpoints and network servers using our proprietary SOAR and the SIEM in the background. Our SOCs cut through the noise to deliver security-critical situational awareness to your business when you need it. 


The Digital Hands SOC cybersecurity teams provide coverage when you need it most with the resources to monitor, analyze, and defend your network against any kind of cyber attack.

Building internal SOC capability can quickly become costly and consume an inordinate amount of resources when hiring the people and acquiring the technology you need to make a SOC work. Avoid this by leveraging our SOC-as-a-Service.

Our SOC-as-a-Service actively protects the full spectrum of your IT infrastructure, including data centers, private clouds, servers, databases, networks, and applications. Additionally, many of our operational processes are automated, which results in cost savings, reduced errors, and increased productivity that are passed directly onto our customers.

Digital Hands operates multiple US-based SOCs. We do not offshore any of their functions. Our SOCs support our experienced team of cybersecurity professionals who partner with you to create a natural extension to your own IT or security team.

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SOC-as-a-Service Features & Benefits

24/7 Security Monitoring

A True Extension of Your Team

Compliance with Regulations & Processes

Protection from Threats

Increased Flexibility

Prevention of Data Loss

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Proprietary Technology

Digital Hands leverages its own proprietary SIEM and SOAR software in our security operations centers. However, we can easily manage your own if you have already made investments in cybersecurity technology.

24/7 Crisis Ready

Our Security Operations Teams stand ready to react to any crisis that cybersecurity can throw at them; they are available 24/7/365 to respond to any incident with experience, professionalism, and conscientiousness.

A Track Record Of Success

Since opening their doors, our SOC’s have dealt with a wide range of different cybersecurity incidents for many different customers and have deep experience protecting a wide range of IT infrastructures.

Constant Monitoring

You can leverage our SOC-as-a-Service to deliver a constant level of monitoring and rely on our experienced cybersecurity professionals to watch over your business IT assets while your team gets some sleep.

No More False Positives

Our SOC operations team can cut through the noise and analyze all of the data and alerts your IT infrastructure throws at them, eliminating false positives and enhancing situational awareness with actionable insight.

Veteran Cybersecurity Teams

After working with a wide range of different customers over the last two decades, the Digital Hands security operations teams have wide and varied experience, always bringing something to the table.

We’re Your True, Dedicated Partner.

As a dedicated, fully US-based, and industry-leading managed security service provider, we make sure that good security does not compromise your internal business processes. Rather than provide a ‘one size fits all’ solution, we take a bespoke approach and tailor our cybersecurity services to meet your security needs and ambitions.

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