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Credit union creates new value from existing security tools

Picture this ... you’re a service-obsessed credit union dedicated to helping people achieve their financial dreams. Over the last six decades, you’ve grown to over 350,000 members, close to 40 locations, and over $4 billion in assets.
But, your ability to monitor your environment is severely limited, and that’s a problem in such a high-stakes, highly regulated industry. You’ve already made a six-figure investment in Microsoft, which includes its own set of security tools and malware protection. On top of that, you’re in the midst of a public cloud migration, so you need support for an on-prem/cloud hybrid environment.
So, you turn to Digital Hands. You get a comprehensive yet timely evaluation of your existing security tools. Once they’re determined to be strong enough for your ongoing needs, we find the best way to connect to them using an API approach. With CyGuard Maestro’s 300+ built-in connectors, your Microsoft toolset integration is seamless and secure.
Now, as you complete your cloud migration, your evolving threat surface is fully covered – 24/7/365. Your in-house team can focus its effort on key financial and compliance issues while your cybersecurity partner monitors and safeguards the rest. You’ve made the most of your existing investments with a composable model that helps you get there first.

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