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Cybersecurity Boost

Municipality gets big cybersecurity boost without breaking the bank

Picture this ... you’re a forward-thinking city government in the San Francisco Bay Area serving a population of over 120,000. A growing number of prominent national businesses call your city home, and you consistently rank among the top ten places to live in America.
But, cyberattacks on city governments are on the rise, and you’re determined to get ahead of potential threats. You’ve got a solid IT team that’s built a solid foundation. But securing a complex environment with multiple departments while adhering to government regulations isn’t easy. It’s time to level up with an MSSP who will work with your team – and your limited budget.
So, you turn to Digital Hands. First, we evaluate your existing environment to ensure anything we bring to the table will work with the tools you’ve already invested in. We set you up with CyGuard Next-Gen SIEM and EDR to secure all your endpoints across public utilities, healthcare, the police department, and more. And we give your staff the backup they need to execute on IR if (or when) an incident occurs.
Now, you’ve been able to secure the city’s entire ecosystem without having to hire additional staff. You have a flexible partner that educates and collaborates with your IT team, so they’re more empowered than dependent. And, with a phased budgeting approach, you don’t have to pay everything all at once. That’s what happens when you have an MSSP that brings you a “get there first” approach.

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