Customized Security Solutions

Nationwide healthcare provider finds fast patches for security holes

Picture this ... you’re a national provider of advanced wound care, with 600 treatment centers across the country. You treat over 300,000 patients each year, and have healed over 4 million wounds and counting.
But, your in-house security team is in over its head. Since your treatment centers exist within hospitals all over the country, there’s no way for your team to view logs holistically or monitor activity around the clock. Your budget is limited, so you need to find a solution that’s compatible with the tech investments you’ve already made – no small task.
So, you turn to Digital Hands. We give you CyGuard next-gen SIEM and EDR for advanced monitoring, detection, and firewall management. Both solutions play well with your existing security setup. Then, we help you deploy a best-in-class malware solution to keep all your endpoints protected from potential threats – all in under 90 days.
Now, you have a holistic view of your entire environment, plus 24/7/365 monitoring, without having to hire more full-time employees. And, with a partner that stays at the forefront of cybersecurity tech, you’ve been able to keep up with industry operating standards and best practices for the last three years. You can handle threats and downtime in no time when you Get There First.

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